My wife, Glori, and I own the house. The house was built in 1946 by my grandfather.


I inherited this house from my father who inherited it from his father. I spent my summers growing up and this is where I plan to retire.

I am in charge of the electronics, website, and general maintenance. I built the range hood in the kitchen(see pic to left), the Fossil bar, the sailboats on the front door, and did the inlay in the kitchen island. Click the navigation tab "Chuck's Projects. To see details.

Guests mostly deal with my wife, Glori, except for the technical issues. For the most part, the electronics are pretty bullet proof and I am able to deal with many issues over the internet.


I do most of the communication with guests unless it is a technical question dealing with home automation, the TV or sound system. I contact everybody who is interested in renting to answer their questions and make sure that the house will meet their expectations. If you decide to rent, I will work with you to make sure that your vacation is truly memorable.