New Osprey Cam

Just installed an upgraded camera to view the osprey nest behind the house. The new camera provides high def pics with 20x optical zoom. We get good pics now, although if I could just get it little higher, we could see into the nest a little bit. I am still fiddling with the software that records the videos and posts them to the website

New Sound System

We have two Mackie powered speakers in the kitchen. It took awhile to hide the wires, but it turned out really well. Right now I have the speakers attached to an Amazon Echo Dot, that allows music to be controlled by voice, using a Pandora account.Just say, "Alexa, play Dave Brubeck on Pandora" and Music starts playing. The next step will be to build a switch so that guests can either use the Echo Dot or they can stream music from a laptop, or smart phone.

Voice Control is On its way

Each year I spend a week upgrading the network, theater, and home automation. This year I have an ambitious agenda that includes incorporating Voice control to otherwise tedious duties. For example, there are a lot of light switches in the kitchen and it is a hassle turn turn each one off. I want to be able to say "Alexa, turn the kitchen off," and have the all lights and music turn off. Other commands are possible such as "Lock the front door," "Turn the movie theater on," "Play a Movie," "Play Pandora Jazz." I have set this up in Pittsburgh and it is incredible and very reliable. For guests, it means not having to learn what switch to flick, or what knobs to turn for entertainment.


Winter is just incredible on the water. Picturesque beauty everywhere you look. Every window has its own display and every day is different. Inside, its always warm and comfortable. A new gas fireplace is easy to use and amazingly realistic without the hassle and smoke of wood.

Upgrading Home Automation

This Spring I will be implementing a new home automation computer that will allow me to to much more with lighting, irrigation, video etc. It is always difficult to figure out what switches do what in an unfamiliar home. How about a single button to turn off all the kitchen lights, or one that

turns off all the non-bedroom lights and locks the doors? How about single button that turns on all the home theater equipment and turns off the lights when you start the movie? How about being able to lock the front door from the bedroom?

I currently have all of the above set up in our home in Pittsburgh, and will gradually set it all up at 26SchoolHouse.

Aerial Photography at Mystic

It is hard to get a feeling of where the house is situated from the ground. So I bought a photography drone and got some nice shots. The Drone is a DJI Phantom std and cost under $400. I have previously flown radio control copters and I found this really easy to control. The technology is amazing compared to only a few years ago.

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Charity Dinner For the Stonington Historical Society

Cooking Demonstration for the Stonington Historical Society

We hosted a dinner to support the Stonington Historical Society. The format featured demonstrations on preparing a wide array dishes, many of which can be found on Many of the participants rolled up their sleeves to help out. The evening was a huge success for a great cause

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Sunset Time Lapse

Fossil Bar

Incredible bar representing 18 months of work made by owner. Features fossils, hand poured enter, walnut, and resin. Looks out over Mystic river. See complete details on menu "Chucks Projects"


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Huge New Kitchen Completed

The kitchen is now twice the size with a 12 foot ceiling, 6 burner gas stove, and all new appliances! This is a huge project that was in the planning stage for years. Designed by a team that included a well known local architect and a professional chef.


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Sunroom Renovation

New cutouts in the Sun Room wall provide a spectacular view from inside

Incredible Coffee

The Bonavita coffee brewer has been a big hit. with recent guests. It is one of 4 coffee machines certified by the SCAA, Specialty Coffee Association of America. We recently added an incredible Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder that uses steel gears to precisely grind beans.

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New dining table

This was an extreme makeover to the favorite room in the house. The old circular table and oversized chairs served us well but were too big and not scalable. The new table was bought used and appeared to be made of mahogany.

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