Selected Shots

Spectacular views in any direction. This room is a guest favorite and has water on three sides. This is the prime spot for watching sunsets since it faces west. It now doubles as the dinning room because everybody wanted the view while eating dinner. It has a beautiful mahogany table that expands to make it just the right size for any function. Two large windows connect it to the rest of the house.

Mystic Winter

Winters are moderated by the water but it can still be cold outside. The scenes take on a look and feel that is very different from the other seasons. When it snows the view is incredible. The air is clear and crisp and the water is blue gray slate. Inside it is warm and cozy. The house was completely re-insulated and there is a really nice gas fireplace. Restaurants are open and getting reservations is much easier than during the Summer.


Autumn in Mystic is simply gorgeous! No traffic, no lines, and foliage to die for. There is plenty to do in the Fall besides relaxing and taking in the incredible views.