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Prior to the kitchen renovation, the kitchen was just too small for cooking, especially if several chefs were involved. Even a couple people cooking would have to jockey for space. We had fresh seafood, a spectacular setting, cookware, grills etc.. but the kitchen was pretty much the original design.

In 2016 we gathered a group of very talented folks people produced a result that is almost impossible to describe.

Architectural artistry. Ceiling height "aquariums", turquoise inlay, hand built copper and pewter range hood, hand crafted hickory cabinets, leather finish granite counters, a six burner gas range and more. Everything is here that you need.

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Making Pizza

Dough is the key to great pizza. You can make your own, but it takes 24 hrs to create decent dough that stretches well. The easiest approach is to purchase dough. Either Big Y or McQuaids sell dough that works very well. As soon as you get the dough, Form it into a ball, stretching the outer surface around the ball. It is best if the dough is allowed to warm up before stretching. As a very general rule, 250g of dough will make a 12”pie

Use any cheese you want. Mozzarella is the most popular, but in some areas of the country provolone is used exclusively. Grate, crumble, or dice your own. Pre-shredded cheese has additives to keep it from molding and from clumping; check the ingredients and you will see cellulose. Yummy! If you are going to use any type of blue cheese, use it sparingly.

Use high-quality toppings. Get good sausage, thick bacon, ripe tomatoes etc. Don’t use canned olives or mushrooms. Ever. Pre-cook toppings that have significant grease or water content. This includes mushrooms, sausage, peppers, onion, bacon etc.. This prevents a soggy pizza and limp crust. Precooking also allows you to add extra flavor like balsamic vinegar added to sautéed peppers, or Worcester sauce to mushrooms. Get creative. Use seafood items like scallops, shrimp, salmon chunks.

Lamb and fresh olives can make a great Greek pizza. Good ingredients can be boosted to become real stars

Stretch the dough
Put a 1/2cup of flour on the wooden pizza peel. Put the dough ball on the flour and press down in the middle of the ball with fingertips. At no point should you touch the outer1/2” of the rim. Gradually flatten more of the area in the center, slowly working out toward the edge. As you extend the flattened area you can use the edge of your hands to work the dough outwards. Once you are done, lay the dough down, making sure there is plenty of flour to keep it from sticking.

Sauce it.
If you use tomato sauce, it makes sense to cook it done a little to get rid of water. Be careful not to go too heavy on the sauce when you are putting it on. Keep it very light in the middle to avoid a sogfest.

Cheese it
Heavier near the rim, because it will tend to flow towards the center

Top It
Limit the toppings to two items. The tendency is to add a boatload of toppings which makes it impossible to taste the full character of each item. If somebody takes a bite with their eyes closed, they should be able to name the pizza. Items that can roll, like meat balls, should be cut in half.

Cook it
See Blackstone Instructions

Finish it
Slide it off onto a cooling rack. Add fresh basil, and a touch of salt. Larger toppings can be jazzed up with hot sauce or with sauces that would have burned in the oven. White pizzas can be finished with a little garlic olive oil


Chicken Thighs Braised with Ancho Chili and Shiraz

chicken with ancho chiliHearty, super tender chicken that can be made a day ahead of time!!

Get this down and it will become your go-to dish for company. Inexpensive, easy and can be made for a small group or a crowd.

The wine doesn't matter. Any fruity red can be used, but Shiraz is economical and it is hard to buy one that isn't pretty good.

The key is using chicken thighs since they won't dry out like chicken breast. You can't overcook this

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Everything is here to make incredible coffee. Everything is top quality (except the cheap digital scale). You can make coffee by the cup, or by the pot.5 Mugs of Great Coffee
Basic info on making good coffee

Using CleverCup to make a single Mug of great coffee

Double Oven

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