Eat better, fresher, healthier food while enjoying an incredible view and saving $$

scallopsUnbelievable local ingredients, panoramic views, and a professional kitchen are all you need to create amazing, memorable meals.

While there are many great dining options nearby, you can easily prepare dishes that are as good or better than the best restaurants at a fraction of the price. Restaurants are expensive, especially after you pay for drinks and a tip. We give you all the tools you need as well as advice on where to get the best ingredients. We also provide articles and recipes that are simple to follow and don't make a big mess..

Check out the Recipes here and also the Instructions for using the kitchen and BBQ stuff. For detailed articles, recipes, and recommendations on cooking equipment go to

Need more information? or help with a specific cooking issue or challenge? Guests can contact us at anytime for help!

Perfect Salmon

This is so easy, but I rarely trust a restaurant to get it right.

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Making the Best Pizza You Have Ever Tasted

With local ingredients, some simple instructions and a Blackstone Pizza Oven you can make absolutely stunning pizza. Pizza shops need to create pies quickly at the cheapest cost to make money. By spending a few more minutes and purchasing great ingredients, you can make absolutely epic pies.

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Chicken Thighs Braised with Ancho Chili and Shiraz

chicken with ancho chiliHearty, super tender chicken that can be made a day ahead of time!!

Get this down and it will become your go-to dish for company. Inexpensive, easy and can be made for a small group or a crowd.

The wine doesn't matter. Any fruity red can be used, but Shiraz is economical and it is hard to buy one that isn't pretty good.

The key is using chicken thighs since they won't dry out like chicken breast. You can't overcook this

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Everything is here to make incredible coffee. Everything is top quality (except the cheap digital scale). You can make coffee by the cup, or by the pot.5 Mugs of Great Coffee
Basic info on making good coffee

Using CleverCup to make a single Mug of great coffee

New Kitchen at 26 School House

Prior to the kitchen renovation, the kitchen was just too small for cooking, especially if several chefs were involved. Even a couple people cooking would have to jockey for space. We had fresh seafood, a spectacular setting, cookware, grills etc.. but the kitchen was pretty much the original design.

In 2016 we gathered a group of very talented folks people produced a result that is almost impossible to describe.

Architectural artistry. Ceiling height "aquariums", turquoise inlay, a hand built copper and pewter range hood, hand crafted hickory cabinets, leather finish granite counters, a six burner gas range and more. Everything is here that you need.


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