Booking - SAVE YOUR $ Why pay an extra 10% to vacation websites such as AirBnB? The "guaranteed vacation" plans they offer are long legal documents that offer little or nothing in return for the exorbitant fees they are charging. HomeAway has told us that renters won't mind paying an extra $400. Really? We welcome any guest who agrees with this to pay as much extra as they want to!!

We don't offer "one-click" "Buy it Now" transactions. No responsible owner should; this is a recipe for failure. We communicate with every guest and we put in the time to make sure that it will be a perfect match for potential guests. Our guarantee isn't empty words, it is a perfect record of "5 out of 5 star" reviews on HomeAway.

Who should Book? People who are looking for a secluded, quite, waterfront setting surrounded by wetlands and wildlife. Our agreement with neighbors is we do not allow weddings or other parties.